Perth Fur Meets

Organising The Murry Purry Perth Furries LOL

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Fur Meets in Perth, Western Australia

ATTENTION: NCODB/Nathan is not welcome in Perthfurs or Perthfurmeets. He is NOT to be invited to any meet posted here. If you are hosting a meet with him invited, please warn all PFM members and attendees of this so they can choose to not associate with him. His presence will upset his previous victims and offend anyone with good taste.

Small community for organising fur meets with Perth Furries. Maintained by Jack R Lupus (jack_wolf), Muchi Tsujo (muchikins) and Cyrin (cyrin_phin) - seeking more maintainers.
Update/August 10nd 2010: Hammi removed from maintainer list due to inactivity.
Update/Oct 22nd 2009: Ronyo removed from maintainer list due to inactivity. Cyrin added to maintainer list.
This community is an offshoot of the Perthfurs LJ exclusively for meet/meeting organisation. If introducing yourself to the community, please see the Perthfurs community.
Membership is moderated. Any may request to join, but maintainers reserve the right to not approve memberships. Generally we ask you meet one or more maintainers before you ask to join.
You must have a LiveJournal account to be approved for membership - we are unable to verify accounts from other social networking sites.

Now the fun part...

1. Adult material/large posts/large images MUST go under a cut, but it is preferred they not be posted.

2. Keep a civil tongue in your head.

3. You may tell certain people not to attend. You may not be a douche bag about it. Also if there are personal issues between you and a meets' poster, it is only good manners to refrain from attending. While you may ask, it's up to the poster to decide whether they mind you attending.

4. Make your posts relevant to the community theme.

5. Make sure your posts are detailed enough that people can attend. Eg prices, opening times, location... Also if the poster wishes other members to bring anything to their meet, they must post it.

6. No emo crap.

7. No multiple posting for the same meet. Post once with all the info; if no interest, drop it. A short reminder the day before however is fine.

8. If planning to attend a meet, advise the meets' poster beforehand. This helps the meet's organiser compensate if they need to arrange more food/drink/seats/venue etc. It's also just good manners.

9. Feel free to make helpful suggestions to better the community.

10. Feel free to suggest new maintainers.

11. Where possible, post an RSVP deadline including date and time. If members do not post by the deadline, the original poster maintains the right to request not to attend or make their own provisions. If you miss the deadline, the original poster and maintainers are not responsible for ensuring you attend.

12. Suggestions are welcome; complaints are fine. Negative/belligerent comments are not acceptable behaviour. You are not five years old.

And possibly more to come as we progress.
Refer to this link for NCODB (aka Nathan) related issues.

What do Maintainers do?
Once a post is made to PFM by a member and enough interest has been expressed by other members, it is up to the original organiser and maintainers to ensure the meet is organised properly.
Maintainers must check the community fairly regularly as they will be expected to discuss with posters and members. Maintainers must have good organisational skills and know the Perth area rather well. Maintainers will be expected to lookup locations in Google Maps, contact members who posted via MSN to confirm attendance and treat ALL MEMBERS with respect when posting on behalf of PFM or on PFM. Maintainers will also post to suggest meet ideas on weeks other meets are not previously arranged.
While maintainers DO have power to delete/screen/ban, such things must be cleared and agreed on by two or more other maintainers before this action can be taken.
If you think you can do this with some degree of competency, I urge you to ask to become a maintainer.

More info coming soon.